How to Select the Right Wood Material for your Home?

Aarti Kulkarni
2 min readOct 27, 2021


Want to decorate your new dream house? Make sure to always choose an interior designer that is capable enough to decorate your home beyond your imagination. Someone that will not compromise on the quality of the design as well. A good interior designer is the one that gives you the best advice not only for the designing but also for which kind of material to use for your house. This helps to make sure about the durability of design along with aesthetics because only outer beauty without durability is of no use. You end up spending a lot more money on repairs frequently after just a short period of time.

The material that is used most in furnishing the home is wood and it is very important to select the right quality of wood. The best residential interior designers in Mumbai always use the right quality wood to design your home and also advise you on what is right and what is not. A one-time investment in the best quality is always a wise decision than to choose cheap quality material that is just attractive from the outside. A mediocre quality of wood often results in making you spend more money on repairs and as a result it is even more costlier to you than good quality material.

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There are some features of the wood that the best residential interior designers in Mumbai should always keep in mind while selecting the right quality wood for your home. Factors like strength and durability to make sure that the wood is strong enough to handle the pressure without changing its shape. Water-resistance, because if it is not water-resistant it will catch moisture easily which will then lead to destruction of the furniture or design elements. Termite resistance of the wood is also very important which is why you need to make sure that wood is adequately polished and coated to keep the bugs out.

Another most important feature that should be kept in mind is fire-resistance of the wood to avoid the risk of accident in the house because nothing is more important than the life of your loving family and it is to be taken care of at any cost. Thus, it is very important to choose the best residential interior designers in Mumbai who possess the best knowledge about the quality, proper thickness, polish, and coating, etc. of the wood. This when teamed with the best design aptitude to decorate your dream home beyond your imagination will give you a house in which you feel beauty, comfort, and safety.